Checklist Before Selling


You may print out this page and walk through your property with it.



  • Clear the front and back of the house of any clutter or personal items

  • Check exterior lights and replace bulbs as necessary

  • Remove any moss from roof and exterior walls

  • Clean exterior walls and windows

  • Check for peeling paint and repaint as necessary

  • Replace any rotten wood from deck/s

  • Repaint old deck/s and handrails

  • Repair/repaint fence if necessary

  • Insure garage door is working smoothly


  • Deep clean carpet, or replace worn out carpet

  • Clean and polish wood floors, or resurface worn out wood floors

  • Clean all windows thoroughly, including window sills

  • Check condition of baseboards and molding, clean or repaint as necessary

  • Clean blinds and curtains

  • Insure all door handles and hinges are working

  • Insure all windows open smoothly and seal completely

  • Clean walls and repaint if necessary

  • Consider repainting any bold colors or feature walls to a more neutral color

  • Clean fireplace completely

  • Dust ceiling fans


  • Clean all appliances, countertops and cupboards thoroughly

  • Consider replacing old appliances

  • Clear countertops as much as possible

  • Check for leaking faucets

  • Keep kitchen smelling fresh

  • Replace any broken tiles

General Interior

  • Insure entry is clean, tidy, and gives a great first impression

  • Replace worn out light bulbs

  • Keep furnishings minimal to maximize space

  • Keep decoration minimal and impersonal

  • Tidy all closets

  • Insure all valuables are stored safely

  • Tidy and clean garage