How do I find listing information?

In the United States, brokers upload all listing information to the broker's association, which is then posted on the real estate website, where customers can view listing information. In the WeChat number of Providential Real Estate,  the listing information carefully selected by our team is pushed every week.  WeChat  


Need to pay the broker?

In the United States, the commission is provided by the seller and the buyer does not need to pay any fees to the real estate agent.


Can foreigners without a green card purchase a property in the United States?

Yes. Any foreigner can buy a house in the United States. The United States is an immigrant country. Foreigners are welcome to invest or buy real estate in the United States. There are almost no restrictions on buying a home. Anyone can buy a US property. As long as you have a Chinese passport, you can complete a home purchase transaction. Even if you don't have a US visa, you can complete the transaction on the Internet by fax or electronic signature.


What documents do I need to prepare to buy a house in the US?

The preparation documents required by cash buyers and loan buyers are different.
Documents required for cash buyers:

1. Valid passports and visas

2. Proof of purchase of funds (certificate of deposits in Chinese and English versions of domestic banks)

3. Accounts opened in local banks in the United States.

Documents to be prepared by buyer for payment:

1. Valid passport and visa

2. Work certificate, work income (certificate of the unit or street issued, and translation by the notary company)

3. Proof of funds from the payment part (Chinese and English version of bank deposit certificate) )

4. Accounts opened in local banks in the United States.