Each house is unique, and at Providential we use our expertise to formulate the best plan to get our sellers the highest offer in a timely manner.


One of the most common questions we get is “How do you determine my listing price?” The answer is that pricing is an art and many factors contribute to it. The most influential is the selling prices of recently sold homes in your area. We provide our clients with a Competitive Market Analysis report to give us a starting point, and then combine this data with the unique features of your house to determine an optimal listing price.


Of course, we understand that you would like to maximize the selling price of your home and we are here to help. First impressions are very important to buyers, so we send a professional housekeeping team to make sure your house looks its very best. We also do a personal walkthrough to help you spot simple repairs and upgrades that can bring you maximum returns. It is up to us to give you the best information possible, but entirely up to you which changes you will make. Check out our Seller’s Checklist for an idea of what we look for.


We are big believers in open houses! While some agents grow tired of holding open houses, we know that they attract more buyers and so we are happy to put in the extra work.


Sometimes, the first offer you receive may be below what you are hoping for. We pride ourselves on our skillful negotiating and will help you put together a counter-offer that makes both parties happy.

Selling properties is actually fairly straightforward to us: the higher the offer we can get you, the more money you get and the more our reputation improves. Therefore, seeking a win-win every time is not only our motivation, but our commitment to you.